Hidden Texas

Houndstooth Coffee is located on the first floor of Frost Bank building in downtown Austin, serving coffee connoisseurs in the heart of the city. Photo by Andrew Masi.

Local Businesses Brew Coffee Culture in Austin

By Anna Daugherty, Briana Franklin, Emma Ledford and Andrew Masi Coffee is often thought of as just a source of caffeine to help people g...

Sports & Entertainment

Mike Baab participates in the caber toss at the Austin Celtic Festival on Oct 19. In 2005, Baab won the Masters World Championship in the 45-49 age class. 
Photo by Jared Wynne.

Celtic Highland Games: A Community of Strong(wo)men

By Breanna Luna, Larisa Manescu and Jared Wynne We've all heard of weightlifting, bodybuilding an...

Business & Technology

The idea of grocery shopping at the touch of a button is gaining popularity in the U.S. as more grocery deliver services are entering the market. Photo by Silvana Di Ravenna

Grocery shopping trends check out the digital aisle

By Joe McMahon, Alice Kozdemba and Silvana Di Ravenna Grocery shopping in Austin, like many things in these days of smartphones and table...

Law & Politics

A volunteer plants seeds at Genesis Gardens, which is on the Community First! property in East Austin. Photo by Joan Vinson.

An Alternative Approach to Homeless Housing

[caption id="attachment_3193" align="alignleft" width="432"] A group of volunteers sow the fields at the Community First! gardens located in...

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  • Paul and Marcus symbolized their never ending love for one another with the exchange of promise rings. Paul and Marcus have been together for seven years and couting.
    Same-Sex, Same-Love

    Marriage Equality By: Dylan Carter, Jarrid Denman, ...

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    Three Years Later

    By Sheila Buenrostro, Lauren Giudice, Austin Powell H...