University of Texas Rock Climbing with Young Seo

By Lauren Giudice, Jeffrey Kahn, Batli Joselevitz

Rock climbing wasn’t something that UT senior Young Seo had expected to become passionate about. Seo briefly played softball and taekwondo in high school, but hadn’t found a sport she felt strongly about. That was until her ex-boyfriend, who climbed often, brought her along one day while he climbed.

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“I liked the competitive aspect of it,” Seo said. “He totally kicked my butt and I wanted to get better.”
She tagged along for a couple of climbing sessions, but eventually she began climbing on her own at the gym at UT Arlington. She has been climbing for three years now and been on the UT rock climbing team for two and a half. The thought of competitive climbing intimidated Seo at first, but once she participated in her first contest she was hooked. hgh pills anabolic steroids best testosterone booster viagra forum cialis head and neck cancer does cialis work fast generic viagra online

Soon after she realized her own style of climbing. While others are more dynamic and capitalize on big, drastic movements, Seo is a more careful and static climber.
“Young’s been on the team for a couple of years,” said club president Will Butcher. “She’s an officer now and helps us out with our website. She’s gotten a lot better, that’s one of the awesome things about seeing people start climbing at college. They don’t necessarily know a whole lot, but people like Young, when they put in the time, they get better really quick.”

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When Seo was first getting involved with the team, she found it hard to balance school and climbing because all she could think about was climbing. Rather than listening to professors in class, she would think about different climbs.

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She balances her time now and does her best to “work hard and play harder.” After studying or going to class, she rewards herself with a few hours of climbing.

“I’m studying computer science and psychology and everybody’s initial reaction is “oh wow, that’s an interesting combination, what do you want to do?” Well I’m just like “I want to climb,” Seo said.
This year is special for her for two reasons: it is her final season with the team and she will compete in the national championship for the first time. Last year she had school commitments and, despite multiple jobs, couldn’t pay for the trip to Florida.

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This year, she is taking $50 out of each paycheck to save for the team’s trip in April. Last year was the second consecutive national title for the team and Seo wants to be there for the three-peat.
“This year I’m making sacrifices so I’m working a lot less and I’m putting more time into fitness and working out and climbing,” Seo said. “I want to get better and I really want to go to nationals and I really want to win nationals again before I graduate. That would just make me really happy.”

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