West Campus Construction Impedes Usual Bus Routes

Taylor Wiseman, Celina Fontenot, Katherine Recatto, Lucy Chen

The idea of construction disrupting the daily flow of life is nothing new to the residents of west campus. Large drills breaking through concrete at 6 a.m. can be heard two blocks over. Detour signs found on two-way streets effectively change them into one-way streets forcing buses and cars to alter their routes.

The drive to build newer and larger apartment buildings has created a problem for students and drivers in the college neighborhood.

Sneha Patel, a resident at Chelsea Condos, an apartment complex next to a hub of construction, said that she doesn’t use the west campus bus system to get to school.

“In theory, riding the bus would be a faster way to get to class,” Patel said, “But now with all the detours, I actually get there later than I would if I just walked.”

The average time to walk from Chelsea Condos to her class on Dean Keaton St. is 10 minutes. It takes about 25 minutes by bus.

The Old Bus Route

The New Bus Route

Juan Gonzales, a construction worker for JeDunn Construction, said that the small space in which he’s expected to work in has been a challenge.

“Trying to move a large cement truck into the construction area is difficult because there are many cars and people also on the streets,” Gonzales said, “People only care about themselves.”

Nastassja Hutchinson, a west campus bus driver, said the changing of the bus routes has extended the time it takes to drive to campus.

“Turning onto 24th St. is particularly difficult because there are no lights,” she said, “I have to wait until there are no cars and pedestrians in order to turn and that might take a while.”

This was the first time Hutchinson experienced a change in the bus route, and she said some students have not been happy about the increased route times.

“Sometimes students get mad at me for not getting them to class on time,” she said, “But at the end of the day, there’s not much I can do about it.”

Construction that impedes the usual west campus bus route is not expected to finish until next July.

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