The Peterson Brothers





Alex (left) and Glenn (right) playing at the Continental Club

Most millennials would say Jazz is a dying genre in the music industry, but it’s expected. When kids of the 90’s don’t recall the dewey decimal system, it’s hard to reach further back and remember great blues artists like Buddy Guy and Marcia Ball. But two brothers, Glenn and Alex Peterson, are keeping the music alive. Born and raised deep in the “Lost Pines” of Bastrop, Texas, the talented duo are breaking barriers and making memories in the Austin music scene, sharing stages with artists such as Los Lonely Boys, Lisa Marie Presley, and B.B. King.


What’s even more impressive; the two have only been in the business for 7 years.



The Peterson Brothers Play every Monday night at the Continental Club in Austin.

Brothers Glenn Jr., 18, and Alex, 16, have tried every sport a kid could try. With the support of their parents in basketball, to soccer, to football, each hobby didn’t last long. It was only their joy in music however, that made the cut.


Glenn is the vocalist for the band and plays guitar delivering the funk and rhythm mixed with traditional jazz leads. Alex brings the boom, literally. Working on bass guitar, he keeps the beat low and the vibes high, with a smoother, “swing”-like style. With a little mojo and a lot of hard work, the two formed The Peterson Brothers Band, accompanied by drummer, Chris Mead.


Alex Peterson, 19 playing the guitar.

Many would agree there aren’t many young groups renovating blues. There aren’t many younger people inclined to blues either; the sub-genre itself is not a top ten amongst millennials. However the chemistry between the Peterson brothers is obvious from the stage, and the two are rising in  the Austin music scene.


“Having my brother up there with me, connecting… They can feel how much fun we’re having, they can feel the vibes. The nervousness is never there anymore,” Glenn says.


The Peterson Brothers Band make a note to never play the same song the same way twice, and make every performance their best performance. With the support of their parents and a solid fan base, they’ve hooked residency at the Continental Club, Half-Step, occasional weddings, and more just this year.


Meanwhile mom and manager, Deanna Peterson, handles the business side, and the boys stick to making good grades and good music. Somehow, the two never quarrel finding time to balance academics, music, and family.


Glenn recently graduated from Bastrop High School, and Alex is completing driver’s Ed. In fact, the brothers just released their first recording this past summer, debuting 11 tracks of smooth jazz with originality and respect to blues.


“I think our dream is just to be able to do this for the rest of our lives and keep the fun in it’,” the boys say.


Simply put, they are two brothers, one sound. And the music doesn’t stop. The Peterson Brothers Band will be taking their talents out of state soon, touring Florida with a grand finale performance in the Key West Songwriters Festival in May 2016




_DSC1459The Continental Club on South Congress in Austin, Texas.


Story by Brianna Tucker

Photos and Video by Jonathan Vail and Kylie Hopkins.

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