Lockhart Area Music Association welcomes Austin transplants who revitalize the city’s economy

Story by Bryan Rolli

Photos By Tess Cagle

Video Filmed and Edited by Kailey Thompson

Graphics by Tess Cagle

The sultry 12-bar blues shuffle wafts from the back of the wine bar out onto the humble main street. Inside, a ragtag bunch of guitarists enter and exit the stage at their whim, trading chunky riffs and slithery solos as the rest of the band provides a sturdy backbeat. Patrons sip wine and dance in the middle of the dusky room, roaring with excitement as the group whips up a fine frenzy on an otherwise sleepy Sunday afternoon.

One could mistake the scene for Austin, Texas’ Sixth Street, home to many of the city’s venerated dive bars and live music venues. Yet the band is playing a weekly blues jam at Desiderata Estates, a humble bar located on Main Street in Lockhart, 35 miles south of the Live Music Capital of the World. It’s one of seven venues that constitute the Lockhart Area Music Association, which seeks to revitalize the city and provide a sanctuary for musicians who can no longer afford to live in Austin.

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