Magazine advertisement the main target objective marketing essay

The main target aim for advertisement through flyer is to market the product, which is the Fipper. The distribution of flyer is usually to give message to target consumers about the latest promotion which is with every 2 pair’s buy of Fipper slipper, client will in a position to get RM3 discount for the 2nd couple of Fipper slipper. This advertising is geared to consumer within place of 50 picked flagship outlets throughout Malaysia. During this advertising campaign, there will be 50,000 copies of promotion flyers will come to be distribute to these resident areas, this means there will be around 1000 copies of flyers distribute to each decided on flagship outlets’ area.

The flyer has mentioned that the discount promotion will be start 1st May 2013 to 31st May 2013. That means the advertising and marketing will be work for 31 days constantly. The objective of having this advertising is to increase range of audience and attract additional customers to go to the Fipper outlets. This advertising only generate small amount of profit but it is an excellent way to focus on customers which will give a first put on Fipper’s product. By delivering an excellent positive post-consume analysis, this discount promotion enables Fipper to put on long-term relationship using its regular consumers and having better prospect getting market show from other competitors.

Magazine Advertisement:

The main target objective for advertisement through this advertising and marketing medium is to entice magazine readers to the merchandise. That is also because magazines advertisement can last very well in long-term since a magazine can be use as long as it is useable unlike flyer. Because of this advertisement, you will see 3 distinct sizes of periodicals advertisement to be utilized, which are full webpage size, half site size and quarter web page size. The best magazine to place the Fipper advertisement in to the magazine page is "SEVENTEEN magazine Malaysia". The reason is because Fipper is goal from teenage to small adult consumer and really should be advertise through journals that target in the same generation. This advertisement will become scheduled in the length of 5 months beginning with May issue until September issue. A page size of Fipper advertisements will be used for the Might and June problem of "SEVENTEEN magazine Malaysia", half page for July and August issue and quarter size for September concern. These 3 distinct sizes of ads may also be appear in several design and layout for every size but primarily will encourage the Fipper most up-to-date product like the Fipper Canvas. Advertisement will end up being designed according to young adults and adolescent adult personalities to contain higher rate of readers or audiences.

Newspaper Advertisement:

The main target of newspaper advertisement is normally to give information regarding the Fipper sales promotion and promote one of many Fipper products, which may be the Fipper Comfort. The purchase price for 2 Fipper Comfort and ease is RM51.80 but could have 10% discount during advertising period which will make it only RM46.60. This promotion is recommended for consumers who are seeking for a extra softness and relaxation because of their feet. This advertising with the strategy of "buy additional for more savings" will persuade the customers to buy more items of Fipper. This plan enables Fipper to increase their sales in additional products such as Fipper Vintage and Fipper Slick. The lower profit of product will not affect the revenue in overall product sales with higher selling fee even you will find a discount.

New Straits Instances Newspaper has been selected in advertising Fipper’s promotion. The reason New Straits Instances Newspaper has been picked is basically because it is one of the highest readership among all of the newspapers and it might be the most efficient medium ads for Fipper to market its manufacturer and deliver the concept of the advertiser to its goal consumers. The length of period for advertisement in New Straits Times Newspaper is 3 days in row corresponding towards the revenue advertising by the Fipper. Which means within the 3 days of promotion, the advertisement will be appear in New Straits Times Newspaper which is on 16 May, 17 May and 18 Might 2013. New Straits Times may be the perfect newspaper to advertise the Fipper promotion because it is among the highest readership mass media in Malaysia and in addition target for younger customer such as young adult. This is also because because it only last for 3 times, daily newspaper should in a position to deliver the message since it is published daily rather than like magazine which once a month.


The main target target for advertisement through billboard is certainly to promote and give impact to road user about the Fipper merchandise. The advertisement which posted on billboard on the highway side does not only include the messages of latest merchandise of Fipper nonetheless it can be to remind the street user about the brand and grab attention of road user. Through the use of billboard advertisement, brand acknowledgement among customers will be increased. The fantastic brand reputation of Fipper will reach the targets of increasing sales and generating profits.

Spectrum Outdoor Advertising has been selected in the billboard advertising company. Simply because Spectrum Outdoor Advertising billboard advertising company is probably the most well-known billboard suppliers in Malaysia and it has the biggest coverage on street part billboard along the South-East Highway. The advertisement length for Fipper on billboard possesses been set to 3 months. The location of the billboard will get placed at South-East Highway in Kuala Lumpur place because Kuala Lumpur may be the virtually all populated place in Malaysia and there can be lot of road user proceed through Kuala Lumpur.

Television Commercial (TVC):

The main target marketing through TVC is to supply info on Fipper to mass viewers and at the same time to persuade audience for the purchasing Fipper’s product. The utilization of TVC is the most effective way to attain to high human population of mass viewers and delivering the communication within an interesting way which include of moving images, sound effects, music, and subtitle. Besides that, the backdrop music and sound files that being found in TVC will create a chance for Fipper to become acknowledged by audience.

8TV is determined by Fipper to market their TVC because the majority of the audiences of 8TV are from youngster and they are the demographically main market in the Fipper’s focus on segmentation. The advertisement on 8TV can be viewed as as the most efficient way to attain to the main target customers for Fipper.

The TVC scheduling for Fipper will be set and be advertised on 8TV in week days. As a result of high cost of TVC advertisement, the advertisement of Fipper can look on 8Television set for 3 times in weekly. The advertisement will end up being last for one month, which is from 1st Can 2013 until 31st May 2013. Enough time slot machines taken for Fipper would be in afternoon beginning with 2pm until 4pm and in nighttime from 7pm until 10pm. The rate of recurrence for the TVC will once for each and every session that will appear 2 times each day for 31 days.


The web may also be used as advertisement channel for Fipper product. The reason that world wide web used for advertisement is basically because it can deliver the message to mass consumer than any other type of advertisement medium. It is also the simplest way to approach audience since the target consumer which generation is between 13 and 30 years old use internet very frequently currently. MSN Malaysia webpage will be utilized as advertisement blog for the Fipper goods since it is used by massive amount internet surfer. This method will able to deliver its advertisement communication to focus on audience effectively.

The time slot for this advertisement will be starting from the first week of May possibly which is 1st Might until 2nd week of May which can be 14th May 2013. Therefore, it is a total of 14 days of advertisement execution. The advertisement will promote the advantage of Fipper products from additional rivals and giving a confident way towards Fipper items from audiences’ point of view. This will present the uniqueness of Fipper and client able to differentiates it from various other products brand.

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